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  • Thierry Briguet

KIGO takes to the skies at Geneva Airport

In order to cope with its growing passenger numbers, Geneva Airport plans to invest around 150 million francs per year in various renovation and development works. The company is benefiting from a new 2017-2022 strategic plan, which has made it possible to start the most urgent transformation work, including the commissioning of a new terminal building. With a size of 185 m2, this space includes a baggage and security checkpoint.

Hälg et Cie SA, commissioned by Geneva Airport to solve the heating and ventilation problem, proposed our KIGO STANDARD solution to air-condition this area and make it pleasant for travelers from all over the world.

Delighted by the performance of our installation of a total surface of 92 m2, it is very likely that the Geneva airport and its partners will call upon our company again in the future...

Contact : Bernard Thissen


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