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  • Bernard Thissen

Pleasant sleep in IBIS hotel with KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP

The rooms of the IBIS Hotel were renovated with the KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP system. The hotel lost guests because there was no cooling system to bring the rooms to a comfortable temperature in summer.

With the KLIMATOP system, KIGO has installed a very discreet cooling system: You can't see it and it makes no noise. How often have you had sleepless nights in hotels in summer because of a noisy air conditioner?

Take a trip to Rothrist. You will sleep like a baby in perfect peace. The challenge for KIGO on this construction site was great, because the floor height could not be reduced by more than 5 cm with the false ceiling, as a floor height of 2.40 m had to be maintained.

No problem with KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP, thanks to the very small footprint (2cm for the profiles + 1cm for the plasterboard).


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