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A radiant heating and cooling system, ideal for renovations but also for new constructions.

KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP offers an innovative solution for the thermal activation of mineral suspended ceilings (dry mounting). This system is composed of a multilayer tube, inserted in thermally conductive profiles specifically designed by the company Klimatop, and in which circulates warm water for heating respectively cold for cooling.

The KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP system was developed by the company Klimatop in Germany and is sold exclusively by Energie Solaire SA in collaboration with Protektor in Switzerland.

The very compact KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP solution offers architects and project owners a maximum liberty for creation. Indeed, only 3 cm are necessary between the slab and the false ceiling for the installation of our system. If a higher ceiling is available, it may be interesting to create a compact suspended ceiling by integrating, together with the KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP system also the lighting, electrical ducts and ventilation in the plenum. In addition, as the KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP heating resp. cooling elements are hidden behind the suspended ceiling and therefore invisible, the final result, with its smooth appearance, keeps the aesthetics of the room intact.


The cooling and heating capacity per m2 of floor area is mainly determined by the following 4 factors:

• Supply and return temperature of the heat transfer fluid

• Distance between the Klimatop conductive profiles at the ceiling

• Thermal conductivity of the suspended ceiling material

• Klimatop conductive profile material

Cooling capacity:

50 W per m2 of ceiling (operating temperatures: 16-19°C / 26°C, tube distance of 150 mm, conventional plasterboards, open periphery)

Heating capacity:

58 W per m2 of ceiling (operating temperatures: 38-33°C / 20°C, tube distance of 150mm, conventional plasterboards, open periphery)


The KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP system is a substructure which can be assembled in three simple steps:

  • Cutting and mounting of the conductive profiles on the slab

  • Installing the multilayer tube and connecting to the heating / cooling system

  • Installation of the suspended plaster ceiling


The installation of the KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP solution is similar to underfloor heating system. Thanks to its simplicity, the installation can be quick and easily be done by a professional. In addition, the heat conduction profiles can be cut in any length and therefore bypass easily any obstacles such as columns or luminaires. The profiles can also be suspended from the ceiling to create even more space to integrate electrical elements (cable tray) and other elements related to home automation.


Integration of luminaires

KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP profiles are tailor-made and the integration of luminaires diverse shapes and sizes are possible at all times, as into a standard suspended ceiling.

Acoustic properties

The KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP system only slightly modifies the acoustic properties of the suspended ceiling. There are many acoustic plaster panels that can easily be used with the KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP system. If an additional acoustic treatment must be implemented in the plenum, it obviously should not prevent heat exchanges between the plaster board and the thermal conduction profiles. For more details concerning the sound absorption values, please refer to the technical documentation of the suspended ceiling system.


Integration of ventilation

The ventilation can be easily integrated between the conductive profiles. Ventilation vents require a higher installation height than the KIGO ZEN KLIMATOP system. This height is achieved with a conventional substructure for suspended ceilings. In all cases, the integration of ventilation and all other building techniques must be coordinated in an implementation plan before the start of work. Energie Solaire will be happy to help you.

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