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unconventional climate solutions
To heat and cool with new performance criteria.

KIGO climate panels are re-inventing its applications thanks to a technology which can reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling by up to 45% while offering 20 to 60 % increased power. 

Kigo. Built for today and the future.

Renewable energy. A lot of people talk about it. We, at KIGO, have acted. Since the 1990’s and since 2013 under the brand KIGO, we have created an unconventional heating and cooling solution to which, as our clients tell us, “we can get used to its comfort very quickly”.


We are the technical team of the Swiss enterprise, Energie Solaire SA, specialized in solar thermal business and heat exchange for over 40 years, active in Switzerland and around the World.


We thought that our technology, combined with our commitment and the pleasure to work with our clients, would allow us to create an unconventional solution in the field of professional room conditioning, both powerful and economical.

KIGO has remained, over the decades, an unconventional solution thanks to its performance; the design is becoming a classic for our partners – entrepreneurs, architects, project managers, technical authorities – our best ambassadors.


Switzerland, France. Germany, Austria and now North America

KIGO is manufactured exclusively in Sierre, Switzerland and has been shipped in Switzerland, other European countries and now to North America.

KIGO. In Japanese.

KIGO is a type of words or phrases associated to a particular season. The uniqueness of KIGO is to evoke a whole world in just one word.

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HUBLOT watches
New office and production building with 4'000 sq m

"For our new offices and our manufacturing site, we wanted a premium temperature control system which would provide an additional benefit to our colleagues. KIGO answered the call! Just like HUBLOT, KIGO is high performing, innovative and made to last."

Mr. Theepan Rasanayagam

leads the Buildings and Safety group