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KIGO climate panel used as a ceiling sail is the perfect and economical solution for heating and cooling your spaces. 100% Swiss made, the KIGO heat exchanger has outstanding heating and cooling properties. The different installation options (ceiling or wall) allow you to select the best solution to meet your needs. KIGO radiant panels has a multiple scope of application. There are useful for administration and commercial buildings as well as halls, hangars or for the precision cooling systems in laboratories and microscopes. Whether in the field of health care, scientific applications, commercial or administration buildings as well as for the industrial halls, the KIGO climate panel will meet all your requirements and expectations.

The KIGO heat exchanger is integrated in a galvanized steel or stainless steel frame, which provides a neat finish and allows the suspension of the panel. The climate panel is powder coated in white or any other RAL or NCS color in order to improve the visual integration.

The advantages of the KIGO Ceiling sail solution:

  • A superior heating and cooling power compared to conventional radiant panels. 

  • A high reactivity: Heating and cooling is perceptible immediately.

  • Simple installation and various possibilities to integrate lights and ventilation.

  • High temperature stability up to +/- 0.1 K feasible

  • Two steel qualities according to your needs

kigo standard

KIGO climate panels have outstanding heat exchange properties. Even so many parameters can influence the power of a climate panel (hygienic air flow closed to the panel, their positioning on the wall or the ceiling, the installation height, etc ...) they offer 20 to 60% additional power compared to conventional radiant panels. 

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Cooling power

126W/m2 for an average temperature difference of 8.5°C (inlet 16°C / outlet 19°C and a room temperature of 26°C, corresponding with a comfort temperature of 23 to 24°C)

The graph shows the power of the KIGO panel for ceiling installation without forced air convection.

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Heating power

For low-temperature heating the power of the KIGO climate panel is also higher than most conventional radiant panels (depending on the installation details and the type of room, from 133 to 151 W/m2 for an inlet/outlet water temperature of 35°C/30°C and an air temperature of 20°C, corresponding with a comfort temperature of 22 to 23°C).

Dimensions of the panels

KIGO panels are available in widths up to 865 mm and lengths up to 2965 mm. On request, these dimensions are adapted in steps of 60 mm. You are totally free to choose the size according to the room you want to cool or heat. The empty weight of the heat exchanger is 13.5 kg/m2 and its volume is 2.6 l/m2. The standard panel of 2.05 m2 (length 2365 mm X width 865 mm) this weighs 27 kg empty and 32.2 kg in service.


With regard to the installation of the KIGO climate panels, several possibilities allow you to select the best option with suits to your needs. Whether the panels are suspended by rail or mounted with quick hangers or threaded rods, the installation of KIGO panels is a breeze using our precise installation instructions.

photo montage

Ventilation integration

The diffusion of the renewal air requires a discretely integration with the climate panels. The air distribution ducts can easily be dissimulated between the slab and the KIGO panels and the diffuser slots, of the same color and width as the panels, find an ideal place between the panels. The boxes can be easily attached to the panel frames, ensuring a quick installation and a perfect alignment.

The option ceiling sail also offers great reactivity. Indeed, as no surface interferes between the heat exchanger and the room surfaces to be cooled or heated, it only takes 6 minutes for the system to be operational.

Light integration

The luminaires find a privileged place between the KIGO climate panels. Depending on the mounting system, they benefit from the panel structural support system, helping at the same time their installation and alignment. If the luminaires are of combined type, with direct and indirect lighting, KIGO panels offer a perfect surface for the diffusion of light.

Acoustic performance

The acoustic performance of the KIGO radiant panel without any acoustic material is similar to that of a wooden or cork surface. Thanks to the insulation on the backside of the panel, the acoustic properties are significantly improved. 


KIGO panels can also be mounted on a wall. In this case, the specific cooling and heating power is increased due to natural convection.


A simple and efficient way to air conditioned buildings.

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