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  • Thierry Briguet


EXPLORiT wants to place its entrepreneurial vision at the heart of its activities and promote innovation. Located in the heart of the Y-Parc Swisstechnopole technology park in Yverdon-les-Bains, EXPLORiT will help foster imagination, bring new perceptions and promote the latest technologies, thus supporting the synergies between the different actors of this transition and in particular start-ups and entrepreneurs.

For EXPLORiT, the new generation, guarantor of our future, is an integral part of this vision. They are invited to try their hand at science in the Cité des Sciences through two exhibitions on the main themes of energy and sustainable development.

The designers have favored wood in the construction of this project. The two buildings (EXPLORiT Business & Services and EXPLORiT Leisure & Discovery) are connected by an atrium whose structure is designed in wood. It offers a sense of space and light and welcomes EXPLORiT visitors into a dynamic, stimulating and prestigious interior. Fully glazed, this atrium provides shelter from the external environment while maintaining a visual link with it.

The energy concept was entirely planned by our partner Romande Energie so that EXPLORiT is eligible for the Minergie P standard. The building is equipped with 550 m2 of KIGO STANDARD radiant panels in order to air-condition the different exhibition rooms in heating and cooling and thus to make the visit of the City of Science as pleasant as possible for the happiness of children and adults.

Scheduled opening: May 2021


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