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  • Bernard Thissen

KIGO and wine

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the “Celliers de Sion”, Bonvin and Varone decided to intensify their collaboration by creating a joint sales force. In this context, the new premises were officially opened on 1 December 2017 at the foot of the spectacular Clavau vineyard.

At the forefront of Swiss wine tourism, the “Celliers de Sion” reception centre offers the opportunity to explore the region's wines and wine culture. The new building has been designed and conceptualized by Pascal Varone Architects. It is self-sufficient in energy and has a roof providing electricity. The buildings’ envelop is made of stainless steel scales, "the win barrel”, which is to express modern agriculture and the progress of viticulture. The chosen colours fit perfectly into the natural environment of stone walls and terraces of wine.

KIGO climate panels cool and heat the entire building and ensure perfect comfort for visitors in any season. The KIGO elements are discreetly integrated above a suspended ceiling composed of perforated blades (Luxalon Accoustic), leaving the architect a freedom of expression with the interior design.


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