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Geneva Airport (GVA) and KIGO

The GVA airport wished to heat a jet aircraft maintenance and overhaul hangar with 50°C? OK!

The project.

To heat one third of the hangar with KIGO panels, as the basis for a comparison test with the other two thirds using gas heating system.

The client’s comments: Mr. Valerio Pittueo, Director of Installations and Buildings at GVA.

"All teams in contact with KIGO are happy. It is a great satisfaction for us, since our working hangar is very large and open to know that my colleagues can work comfortably – that is precious. We have other hangars using gas heaters and we will soon complete our comparative study. Our objectives in terms of energy gains are well defined. I dare say that KIGO appears to be coming through for us, please come back and ask me about specifics once the study completed."

The offer.

  • KIGO panels suspended by cables. Our KIGO panels are quickly installed, even in busy spaces, i.e. maintenance hall for planes or other vehicles.

  • Low temperature heating to assist GVA in its goal to replace its oil heating system in long term. GVA wishes to install heat pumps, reducing heating temperature from 80 resp. 100°C to about 50°C. To reach this objective, it is necessary to install a heat distribution system that can provide sufficient power even with a temperature as low as 50°C.


Gas heaters, at elevated temperature, create problems, mostly when working at greater heights. For example, for the maintenance of aircraft fins, the radiation temperature becomes too high for workers and, in some cases, may lead to damage to the aircraft paint. KIGO does not have these problems. We certainly hope that this component will also be looked at in the comparative study.


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