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  • Thierry Briguet

KIGO invites you to have a coffee at Nespresso

Opened in 2010, the Nespresso production center in Avenches needed a new air conditioning system for its palletizing hall. This new system had to be efficient, low in energy consumption and also very reliable in order to reduce maintenance costs.

To meet these selection criteria, the KIGO STRANDARD solution was chosen. 40 panels, with a surface area of 103m2, were installed to cool the 456m2 of the hall.

The other decisive criterion that convinced the designers of this project to use our KIGO panels was our simple and fast rail mounting solution, which allowed the installation of our climate panels without interrupting production.

So when it comes to efficient and economical high-volume air conditioning, there is a well-known proverb: "KIGO... What else? "


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