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Coop, Business Park and KIGO

5'400 m2 – office building with fitness- and cloakrooms needing to be heated and cooled. KIGO provides the solution.

The project.

Coop Immobiliengesellschaft had decided to update their office building in the heart of Biel, Switzerland. The front of the building was a historic site and it was important to provide the right cooling solution and acoustic performance while improving energy efficiency for this area of 5’400 m2. Today, this building hosts a private bank, a manufacturer of watch straps, a call-center, a consulting engineering firm and a fitness club.

The goal.

  • Special sub-structure ( rails instead of quick set metal suspension)

  • Aesthetic and technical integration of ventilation

  • Adaptation of panel size according to the client’s needs

Key strong points of our solution.

  • Very high specific cooling power.

  • Installation perfectly adapted to the needs of the users and the building.

  • Great comfort and reactivity

  • Durability


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