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Where is KIGO? In the car? Not yet... We are pleased to have provided an unconventional room conditioning solution for the new BMW garage in Visp.

Real KIGO panels hidden behind a false ceiling. KIGO is also a unique solution to heat and cool rooms with suspended ceilings. A clear difference. Instead of operating a suspended plaster ceiling with a heat exchanger with fins and copper serpentine, KIGO activates the surface in an indirect way. The KIGO panel, with its complete irrigation, generates a uniaxial heat radiation and heats (or cools) rapidly and homogeneously though the suspended ceiling. The specific heating and cooling capacity depends on the material of the ceiling and the supply and return temperature of the water.

The advantages of KIGO for false ceilings are:

- Activation is independent of the metal or plaster ceiling.

- Flexible conception of ceiling: Lights, movement and smoke detectors and ventilation can be practically planned independently of the activation of the suspended ceiling.

- Simple and quick installation.


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