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REVIT is a building design software that allows you to create a 3D model of a building to make various documents necessary for its construction (plan, perspective, ...).

REVIT claims to be a BIM (Building Information Modeling) tool, as it is used by a large part of the construction industry.

This multi-trade software is intended for professionals in the building and public works industry (engineers, technicians, draftsmen and contractors, etc.). It is used to model buildings in three dimensions.

In other words, a single file contains all the data. Thus, when an element changes its place or function, it is updated in all the views of the model as well as in the bills of material and on the set of sheets of plans. Several disciplines meet in this same logic, such as structure, networks, fluids ... Thus, thanks to BIM and Revit planning, design and planning errors between the different trades can be avoided more easily.

Instead of plans and documents, digitization creates more and more structured information and makes it available throughout the entire life cycle of a construction, providing support during planning, execution and operation.

Thus, Energie Solaire SA has created a REVIT family for its KIGO STANDARD products (ceiling or wall installation). Heating and cooling capacities, pressure drop rates, panel size management, all information useful for the design and implementation of a project with our KIGO panels are available on our "download" page, "BIM planning" section.

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